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Geo-anchored national-Level Metaverse

Cyberiad Overview

Cyberiad is a geo-anchored national level metaverse infrastructure, designed to support a suite of government and private sector services.

Cyberiad enables these services to be accessible under a unified layer, with the ability to easily scale and embed new sector-agnostic products and services as consumer and user appetite grows.

Addressing market gaps through technology


Many countries lack a unifying network layer that could serve to bring a plethora of services, both government and private, which are unified through an easy access point and an infrastructure layer that is simple to navigate yet provides robust opportunity for anchoring all these different services and products.
Unified and simple access to services

Our Solution

Cyberiad is an anchored, region and or country specific metaverse that will allow for governments as well as private sector to roll out various services from land deeds, location specific services, as well as products that are coupled with real world products and locations.


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