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Asset Tokenization
Tokenization of commodities powered by NFTs - enabling holders benefits from atomic settlements to traceability
Supply-Chain DeFi
Access to credit by leveraging collateralised assets and decentralized finance
Users can leverage embedded traceability, enabling the ability to track movements along the value-chain
Brand Identity
Ensuring sellers and buyers are exchanging products whilst retaining brand identity and origin
Improving access in the commodities sector

Palmyra ComDEX Overview

The Palmyra ComDEX is zenGate’s flagship product, a paradigm-shifting ecosystem which enables the tokenization and listing of certified commodities for spot and futures trading between businesses around the world.

Palmyra connects the full ecosystem of stakeholders across the value chain, providing a cheaper, more transparent and accessible enterprise-grade solution to users. We are currently piloting the product in two jurisdictions in the Asian market.

Addressing market gaps through technology


Majority of businesses face blind spots in their supply chains - these gaps were shocked during recent world events from the pandemic to the war. Many businesses around the world who are critical to these supply chains are still underserved with affordable and quality technologies.
Affordable, accessible and transparent

Our Solution

Through Palmyra, businesses can now access affordable, enterprise-grade solutions that are powered through blockchain technology. Focused on core features such as embedded traceability and access to capital, our solution aims to help build back up the trust and resilience of our global supply chains.


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