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Business-agnostic no-code tools

Solaris Portal Overview

Solaris is a software-as-a-service designed for micro, small and medium sized businesses to create their own no-code blockchain based solutions. For example, individual product creators and businesses making customer through Solaris can tokenize, futurize and list unique pieces on a global marketplace, whilst embedding traceability and the creation process.

Addressing market gaps through technology


New blockchain solutions are expensive, clunky and inaccessible for normal businesses around the world. If the next wave of blockchain adoption will come from these types of businesses, how can better solutions become easily available for them?
Simple drag-and-drop software

Our Solution

Solaris Portal aims to be the bridge between blockchain technology and businesses. Our no-code solution allows businesses from various sectors and around the world to tap into the best and most innovative features being built by the fast-evolving blockchain industry.


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