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Our Vision
We believe that technology can enable opportunity inclusion for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises all around the world.
Transparency & Trust
We want to enhance transparency and trust across our global supply chains through traceability and authentication solutions.
Opportunity Inclusion
We want to ensure MSMEs have access to financial tools and affordable enterprise-grade technology to improve their business and economic outcomes.
RWA Tokenization
We want our customers to benefit from cutting-edge tokenizaton technologies without compromising a smooth user-experience.
Opening the Gates to the Future

Our Story

The idea of zenGate was born over 20 years ago as an idea for an enterprise that would serve as a spiritual successor to the technological revolution of the 90s. All the excitement, innovation and success of the online movement needed to evolve out of the dotcom bubble and into a sustainable, long-term endeavour to bring connectivity and freedom of information access to the mainstream. 

Fast forward 20 years. The birth of the blockchain movement was the catalyst that helped zenGate finally find its true purpose. To bring opportunity inclusion to MSMEs though decentralized blockchain technology, global connectivity and access to worldwide markets that were never possible before. 

Incorporated in Dublin, Ireland, an up and coming technology hub of the EU, zenGate is now poised to disrupt the commodities industry with the Palmyra Platform.

Meet our Core Team

Core Team

Dan Friedman
Chief Executive Officer
Dan is a seasoned technologist and was part of the founding team at Input Output that launched the Cardano blockchain. He is also a strategic advisor for the Ergo Foundation.
Sam Lambert
Chief Operations Officer
Sam previously worked as a consultant at Oliver Wyman, focusing on topics across financial services, insurance and telecommunications sector.
Nicholas Despopulous
Chief Business Officer
Over 20+ years of experience working across cross-jurisdictional trade, asset management and tax strategy. Serial business-owner, across Coffee, Tea and Wine retail and distribution.
Theodore Morisis
Head of Operations
Theodore (aka Chef) has deep expertise managing large teams across the film and food & beverage industries. He was a former Cardano Ambassador and also runs the Chef Stake Pool.
Asela Withanaarachchi
Head of Ops Sri Lanka
Head of Operation in Sri Lanka with a diverse experience in Legal and Insurance service delivery for both offshore and on-shore operations.
Victor Hugo Leme
Head of Content
Victor has 15 years of experience in Content and Video Production working with leading companies across Latin America and Europe. Expertise in 3D Modelling, Graphic Design and Branding.
Luca D’Angelo
Lead Blockchain Dev
Luca is a software developer with a background in physics and computer science. He co-designed and developed the Winter Protocol; a RWA Tokenization Framework.
Shishir Pai
Blockchain Dev
Shishir has a background in computer science and is a well-known Ergo-community developer. He co-designed and developed the Winter Protocol; a RWA Tokenization Framework.
Jonathan Wynne
Senior Full Stack Dev
Jonathan has over 20 years of experience in technology working with leading financial institutions, fintechs and Web 3 companies.

Meet our advisors


Lamon Rutten
Over 4 decades in the commodities sector. Key roles include: Former UN Chief of Commodities, CEO of the Indian Multi Commodities Exchange and CEO of the Indonesian Commodity & Derivatives Exchange.
Joyce Maina
International Tea Expert with over 3 decades of global experience working with leading brands and institutions. Serves as a Director of the European Speciality Tea Association and UN Consultant.
Darrell O'Donnell
Founder of Continuum Loop and global expert building Ecosystem Governance Frameworks. Past experience includes working with leading Web 3 companies such as Input Output Global.